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a deeper look

Why wellness matters.

It’s essential for employers to recognize the immense influence they have on the health and wellness of their employees.

Absenteeism costs US employers an estimated $225.8 billion per year.

Presenteeism— a term used to describe when employees are physically present at work but not performing at their best due to unaddressed physical, mental, or emotional needs. Presenteeism is estimated to cost nearly ten times more than absenteeism.

Then there’s the cost of poor health that impacts the employee and the employer. When employees suffer from major illnesses and need serious medical intervention, this raises insurance costs for their employer, which can increase the cost of premiums on employees.

why paytient?

How Paytient supports employee wellness.

Paytient is an employer-sponsored benefit that removes financial barriers to care while supporting wellness goals. Members receive a small line of credit to pay for healthcare expenses over time with no interest, no fees, and no credit check.

When employees can access care, they are healthier, less absent, less stressed, and more productive. We estimate 0.5 additional days of productivity per employee annually.

Active cardholders have a 30% lower turnover rate vs. non-users (based on a 2023 analysis of 11K eligible employees).

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Our members love us
“Went to the doctor for a medication check-up and ended up getting labs. What I thought would be a free visit ended up being $220, so I thought I’d try my new Paytient card. It worked like a charm and was nice to feel like I’m in control and have options — on my terms. Thank you, Paytient!”

– Scott

"Paytient was a blessing to me. I had been without my glasses for five months because they are expensive, and then I remembered I had that card. It covered the cost of my glasses at a time when money is tight."

– Carla

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