About Us

Removing cost as a barrier to care.

Paytient is an employer-sponsored payment platform for employees' medical expenses. Alongside any health plan, Paytient enables employees to live better lives by accessing care earlier without financial harm.

We're on a mission to eliminate cost as a barrier to care.

Commonly, employees are being forced to choose between physical wellness and financial wellness. If unexpected medical expenses occur, employees have very limited options for maintaining financial wellness. Employees can defer or postpone care, pay with high-interest credit cards, withdrawal from savings, borrow against retirement, apply for payday loans or wage advancement, or simply not pay.

Paytient is here to provide the best option. We bring your employees access to health care by helping them afford the out-of-pocket costs. Each time an employee uses Paytient, we fund the transaction. The doctor’s office, hospital, or pharmacy gets paid in full at that time. Allowing your employees to get the care they need, without jeopardizing their financial wellness.

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We’re a fun team of engineers, designers, and employee benefits experts with the goal of removing cost as a barrier to care. Are you in? Learn about the positions that we have open today.