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our story

Building toward a healthier future.

After a decade of working in hospital administration, founder Brian Whorley was troubled by the increasing number of patients who struggled with high deductibles and empty HSAs. While patients were physically healing, they were in financial distress.

So in 2018, Brian and cofounder Daniel Lynn created Paytient to bring new health benefits that could ensure access to care without financial harm.

Today, we serve thousands of cardholders from all over the U.S. via dozens of employer, payer, and health system partnerships.

culture matters

Our values.

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Live the mission

We are missionaries, not mercenaries, shaped by an unshakable belief in the better tomorrow we are building together. This leadership looks like tenacity, flexibility, and unrelenting optimism despite the inevitable challenges we’ll face along the way.

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Lift others

Our team is fearlessly selfless. We succeed as a team by elevating our customers and our teammates, firm in the belief that we are the most ourselves when we are self-forgetful. We welcome feedback, value diverse perspectives, work collaboratively, and share a sense of urgency rooted in empathy for others.

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Light the way

Our team stands out, brings clarity, and blazes a path for others to follow. We work smarter (and rest well) so that we can shine a light on opportunities to improve today’s U.S. healthcare system. Shining a light requires craft, diligence, and charm.

Remote with roots.

Our company is headquartered in Columbia, Missouri, and our home office is a central gathering place for collaboration. Teammates are free to work primarily from wherever they thrive, and we gather regularly to build relationships and further our mission — and because we actually enjoy each other!

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what's it like to work at Paytient?
“I wake up excited to come to work on Mondays. You’re challenged to think bigger and supported through executions of new ideas.”

– Vanessa Montoya, Technical Product Owner

"I love working at Paytient because I believe in our mission of helping people afford care, which in turn helps make their lives better.”

Alex Plasket, Customer Success Manager

"Paytient has a real impact. Being able to spread the cost of those bills out over time, on my terms, completely changes the game in terms of how we can think about healthcare in this country.”

Jordan Stone, VP Engineering

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Come work with us.

We’re looking for passionate, collaborative builders to join our team and help us further our mission. Experience in healthcare or finance is a plus but not required. Explore open positions or drop us a line.

Ensuring employees can access care starts with our own team. All full-time roles include access to:

  • Health insurance
  • 200 hours of PTO
  • Dental
  • Paid family leave
  • Vision
  • Stock options
  • PerkUp benefits
  • And so much more
  • A Paytient HPA
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