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why Patient?

A new solution for your toughest benefit challenges.

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Insurance premiums and out of pocket costs have been rising steadily for the past couple of decades.
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Employers have been forced to shift some of the burden to employees in the form of higher cost-sharing.
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This has created an unexpected problem: Employees defer or skip care, which leads to higher claims costs down the road.

In fact, 54% of Paytient members* said they would have skipped some or all of their care without their HPA.

Trusted by benefits innovators like—
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a new solution

Here’s why Paytient works for employers.

With employers and employees alike pinched by inflation, the Paytient Health Payment Account is the perfect addition to any benefits offering.

  • Employees can finance out-of-pocket costs over time through payroll deductions — with no interest, no fees, and no credit check.
  • Paytient can be used to pay out of pocket costs for medical (including mental health), dental, vision, pharmacy, and veterinary care.
  • With an HPA, employees can repay their balance from an HSA or FSA account—or protect those tax-advantaged funds so they can grow.
  • Seamless integration with payroll systems and 24/7 access to customer support.

24/7 virtual care.
Major Rx discounts.

Advance employee access to care while lowering costs, with around-the-clock virtual care and markdowns on prescriptions at over 35,000 pharmacies.

  • Virtual care inside a highly utilized platform, easily payable with a Paytient card.
  • Strengthens benefit stack with a whole health approach, and doesn’t trigger ERISA.
  • Improved effectiveness of care and reduced ER visits, high-cost claims, and work hours lost.
  • Better medication adherence and reduced Rx cost.
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Our consultants love us — you will, too!
“I love bringing Paytient to the table when working with my current clients... The best part, many of the employees themselves have told me that they will now sign up for an HDHP knowing they can be covered early in the year."

– Ben Grimm, HUB International

by the numbers

The results speak for themselves.

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Members who said they would have skipped some or all of their care without their HPA.
Members who pay with their HPA become repeat users.
Paytient’s recent Net Promoter Score (NPS).
Members who said the HPA makes them more likely to keep their job with their employer.
Members who said Paytient makes them feel more satisfied with their health benefits.

Ready to present Paytient with confidence?

Brokers are busy. That's why we made it easy to grab all the materials you need to confidently introduce Paytient to your clients. From insightful one-pagers to comprehensive case studies and detailed FAQs — we’ve got you covered.

Still have questions? We’ve got the answers.

Ready to learn more and bring Paytient to your clients? Let’s talk.