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3 Things I Learned at SHRM

The Paytient team was in Las Vegas this month to attended the SHRM Annual Conference & Expo. SHRM is full of solution providers and go-to experts in the HR industry, so we collected insights from our team member, Kristina Muxo, about her SHRM21 experience.


How Employee Health Affects Productivity

You probably aren’t surprised to learn that employee health directly correlates with productivity. Employees who are healthy (physically, mentally, socially, financially, and in other dimensions of wellbeing) are more likely to do their best work than employees who are struggling in one or more of these areas.


The Importance of Educating Employees on HSAs

There are other ways employers can help employees cover the costs of high-deductible health plans. Learn what employers can do to help their employees close the financial gap between high-deductible health plans (HDHP) and Health Savings Accounts (HSA).


What You Need to Know About Mental Health Care Options and How to Offer Spend

The cost of mental health care can be very high, and even prevent employees from getting the care they need. Here’s what employers need to know about their role in promoting effective mental health care.

OCTOBER 12TH, 2021

6 Facts About Preventative Care Every Employer Should Know

Routine, preventative care can help to detect, prevent, treat, or reverse the course of healthcare issues. It’s our best defense against an infinitely long list of potential health issues. So you might be surprised to hear that only 8 percent of Americans are getting the preventative healthcare they need to maintain optimal health.

OCTOBER 14TH, 2021

4 Things I Learned at the Society for Healthcare Strategy & Market Development Conference

Last month, the Paytient team was in San Antonio for the Health Care Strategy & Market Development Conference (SHSMD). SHSMD is an annual conference put on by the American Hospital Association’s Society and is the nation’s premier conference for health care strategy professionals. We collected insights from our Vice President of Provider Partnerships, Andrew Harris, about his SHSMD experience. 

OCTOBER 19TH, 2021

How To Make Sure Your Benefits Package Promotes Health Equality

As providers of health insurance, employers have immense influence over the health of their employees. It’s critical for employers to ensure that benefits packages fight against health care inequality. Here’s how.

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