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Why now?

The growing labor crisis.

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While higher employee turnover is a reality of the ongoing labor crisis, companies that proactively give their team members compelling reasons to stay are faring better than the rest. But what do employees truly value? Compensation, advancement opportunities, and workload issues are common themes, but –

43% of people who quit their jobs in 2021 said they did so because of poor benefits.

Workers increasingly are demanding benefits that build a better employee experience. One powerful way to boost that employee experience is by helping team members prioritize their mental and physical well-being amid rising healthcare costs.

how paytient helps

A powerful benefits investment.

A benefit like Paytient helps employees take care of their health and gives them a great reason to stick around.

With a Paytient Health Payment Account, employees can eliminate financial barriers to care for their whole family — including pets. After each transaction, they choose an interest-free payment plan that fits their budget.

  • On-demand line of credit with a limit set by the employer.
  • Pays for medical, dental, vision, pharmacy, and vet care.
  • No credit check promotes equitable access.
  • Providers are paid in full.
  • Employers are not on the hook for unpaid balances.
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retain employees

Employees with a Paytient card have a 23% lower turnover rate.*

Instead of running themselves ragged, missing work due to health issues, and eventually looking for a new job, Paytient empowers people to get the care they need without worrying about high out-of-pocket costs. Those workers appreciate the help and repay it with loyalty to their employers — employees with a Paytient account have a turnover rate 23% lower than those who don’t have Paytient.*

Our members love us
“Paytient is an amazing, helpful addition to have in these harder times. It is easy to set up, manage your payment options, and especially a comfort knowing you have this to help you with your cost. Insurance is expensive in itself and then the cost of copays, out-of-pocket expenses, medicine, and anything else that needs to be covered. It really is a very good benefit. I would recommend it to all.”

– Billi

"Best benefit of my entire insurance: It helped me afford glasses when I couldn’t afford them any other way. I can also use it for my dental necessities, and they just take it out of my paycheck."

– Amy G.

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