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How it works

Meet the Paytient card.

Employees receive a small line of credit1 they can use to pay the out-of-pocket cost of care for their whole family — including pets. After each transaction, they choose a personalized interest-free payment plan that fits their budget. 

Credit card icon
Interest-free credit for care with a limit set by the employer.
Person icon
Pays for medical, dental, vision, pharmacy, mental health, and vet care2.
No credit icon
No credit check promotes equitable access3.
Financial security icon
Employers are not on the hook for unpaid balances.
Invoice icon
Providers are paid in full.
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Why Now?

Paytient solves your toughest benefits challenges.

Sponsoring a Paytient HPA card for your team can help you and your people cope with changes in the benefits portfolio, resulting in better health for your team and significant savings for your company.

  • Father and daughter at a health check-up

    Ensure Access
    Ready to spend dollars can help ensure employees don’t delay seeking care.

  • Woman with crossed arms looking into the distance while smiling

    Optimize Enrollments
    Paytient gives employees the courage to embrace lower premiums.

  • Woman on her mobile phone using the Paytient App

    Save on Care
    Quality virtual care and lower prices on prescriptions at 35,000 pharmacies.

  • Mother holding her child while smiling

    Delight Employees
    92% of Paytient members are more satisfied with their benefits.

  • Man with crossed arms looking towards the camera in content

    Boost Equity
    An HPA helps make sure employees have the same opportunity to seek care.

  • Woman hugging her dog while at the park

    Attract & Retain
    64% of Paytient members say they’re more likely to keep their job.

  • Woman kissing her baby on the forehead

    Encourages early treatment by removing financial barriers to care.

  • Woman smiling while holding happy dog.

    Promotes health equity by offering interest-free credit without a credit check3.

  • Man smiling while on his phone at his work desk

    Boosts retention. Paytient cardholders are 23% more likely to stay in their role.*

  • Woman in glasses smiling

    Fills benefit gaps, unlocking access to care across a wide spectrum of providers.

  • Hand holding a Paytient card

    Drives employee-led decisions to choose higher deductibles by making it easier to pay for care.

  • Mom hugging her daughter who is holding a teddybear

    Relieves stress that comes when a family member or pet is sick or hurt.

  • Dad holding his smiling baby

    Seamless implementation and easy admin won’t overburden your team.

24/7 virtual care.
Major Rx discounts.

Advance employee access to care while lowering costs, with around-the-clock virtual care and markdowns on prescriptions at over 35,000 pharmacies.

  • Virtual care inside a highly utilized platform, easily payable with a Paytient card.
  • Strengthens benefit stack with a whole health approach, and doesn’t trigger ERISA.
  • Improved effectiveness of care and reduced ER visits, high-cost claims, and work hours lost.
  • Better medication adherence and reduced Rx cost.
Illustration of someone holding a phone with a text chat in one hand and payment card in the other hand.
Employers love Paytient
“So very thankful for our relationship with Paytient. They have been life savers for our employees, which makes them a fantastic addition to our team!”

– Plant Manager, Otscon Manufacturing

What about ROI?

Paytient is a powerful investment in your team’s health.

A small investment in Paytient unlocks productivity and cost savings across your organization. Our in-house actuaries did the math to calculate the costs Paytient could conservatively help you avoid.

Turns out a small investment in Paytient can produce an outsized ROI.

Arrow illustration
Here’s how Paytient could drive material cost savings.
$8.83 PEPM
Eliminate half day absence per employee*
Plus icon
$7.38 PEPM
0.3% reduction in employee turnover
Plus icon
$5.57 PEPM
Reduce deferred medical care
Equals icon
$22 PEPM
These compounding benefits can deliver 5-10x ROI on a small investment in Paytient.
*Let’s assume the average employee’s annual salary is $60,000.
A benefit you and your team will love
“They care about our employees just like their own. They've made it a smooth rollout and are willing to help in any way they can. I highly recommend Paytient and the great people there!”

– Vanessa R (HR, Education)

“I appreciate the opportunity to continue my health journey and not have to skip appointments due to the high cost of copays due at the time of service. The payment plan is greatly appreciated and affordable.”

– Daniel S

"Had to have a MRI and haven’t met my deductible yet. Was able to use my Paytient card to cover the cost. They gave me several repayment plans and I was able to pick one that fit within my budget."

– Jennifer

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Ready to help your employees access the care they need? Let’s talk.