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How Paytient Fills Gaps in Your Current Health Plan

By using Paytient for everything from medications to dental care, people are able to bridge gaps in their insurance coverage and take charge of their wellness and health. Members are able to pay at their own pace and benefit from a solution that places people over process.

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When most people think about gaps in insurance coverage, their minds might envision a lapsed policy due to a major life change like a new job or a decrease in income.

But there are plenty of other gaps in the healthcare world. Even for employees who might have a high-end insurance policy, that same plan might offer worse coverage for dental or prescription expenses. Whether someone is on an HMO or a more flexible PPO plan, it’s almost expected that they will have to grapple with unexpected healthcare costs due to these gaps.

A 2019 poll by the Kaiser Family Foundation found that about 29% of adults surveyed reported not taking medications as prescribed due to cost concerns. The same study found that 30% of respondents skipped dental care or routine checkups, 26% postponed needed care, and 12% had problems getting care for mental health. Of those respondents, 13% said their conditions worsened because of these delays.

Thankfully, Paytient can serve as a safety net. While one might assume the vast majority of charges on Paytient cards are related to medical expenses, only 30% of all transactions happen at a doctor’s office or hospital. Our members use their cards most frequently at pharmacies, which account for 40% of all transactions. The remaining 30% of Paytient card activity is a mixture of veterinary, dental, and vision-related expenses.

In short, most members use Paytient to plug gaps in their health coverage. Let’s take a closer look at how we help people take charge of their wellness and health.


Ted walks up to the pharmacy counter to get a new prescription filled, and he’s shocked when the cashier tells him how much the medication will cost. There are no generic options available, so he’s on the hook for $300. It’s near the end of the month, and he doesn’t have the money in his bank account to absorb this unexpected health cost.

Thankfully, he’s able to use his Paytient card to remove the stress from this situation. After paying for his medication, Ted uses the Paytient app to set a payment plan that meshes with his circumstances.


Sophia is playing with her Great Dane, Zeke, in the yard late on a Saturday afternoon when Zeke tears his paw on a sharp rock. Sophia cannot stop the bleeding at home, so she takes Zeke to an emergency vet for attention. The veterinarian stitches up the wound, but the after-hours care — and a lack of pet insurance — means Sophia faces a hefty bill for the treatment.

Sophia has the money to cover the treatment, but she worries about running down her finances and then struggling to make ends meet for the rest of the month. Instead, Paytient gives her help paying for veterinary care and some extra space to breathe.


Robert is visiting his dentist for a routine cleaning when he hears the two words that strike fear in the heart of just about anyone: root canal. Aside from anxiety about the procedure itself, Robert feels stressed about potentially paying hundreds or even thousands of dollars in unexpected health costs after the treatment.

That is, until he remembers that he can charge any balance for the root canal to his Paytient card. Instead of demolishing his monthly budget to pay his dentist, Robert simply swipes his Paytient card, picks his payment plan, and moves on with his life.


Kara has worn glasses since she was 7. She spent a year building a cushion in her budget to cover LASIK, and she has been on the calendar for surgery for a month. When an unexpected car crash drains her finances a few weeks before the procedure, she’s not sure about the best way to pay for LASIK.

Her provider offers financing through a major lender, but that includes a 12.99% APR on the procedure. Instead of wasting her hard-earned money on unnecessary interest, Kara uses her Paytient card to pay her provider in full at the time of surgery. She is then free to pay the amount on a schedule that makes sense for her budget — all with 0% APR.

Bridging Gaps in Care

By plugging a variety of gaps in care, Paytient truly empowers people to lead healthier and more dignified lives. Members pay at their own pace and benefit from a solution that places people over process.

So, say goodbye to gaps in insurance coverage. Paytient is the safety net that can keep your employees out of trouble by ensuring nobody slips through the cracks due to unexpected healthcare costs — regardless of what life throws their way. By giving our members flexibility and help paying for veterinary care, dental, vision, and medical needs, Paytient makes it more likely they’ll actually get the care they need.

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