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The Importance of Financial Wellness Benefits: How Paytient Made Diabetes Medication Affordable for Johnathon

Keeping chronic conditions in check with Paytient has given Johnathon the power to take care of his health, improve job performance, and mitigate the need for more expensive care that could arise if his diabetes was not under control.

How Paytient Made Diabetes Medication Affordable for a Working Dad

More than 37 million Americans have diabetes, and approximately 90-95% of these people have type 2 diabetes. This kind of statistic leaves you wondering: Are all of these people getting the care they need? 

The answer is alarming. A recent study shared that more than 1 million Americans with diabetes have to ration lifesaving insulin because they can't afford it. This type of financial burden has life or death consequences on people’s daily lives. When chronic conditions like diabetes go uncontrolled, long-term complications such as heart disease, nerve damage, blindness, kidney failure, and more can occur. 

In addition to the physical consequences of untreated chronic conditions, daily things like job performance can suffer, further building upon the challenge of living with a chronic condition.

Johnathon’s Story

When we talked to Johnathon, a current Paytient member living with type 2 diabetes, we learned that his story could have looked different if it weren’t for his employer's choice to offer Paytient as a part of its benefit package.

Jonathan is a father of four children and works at a nationwide construction equipment company as a field service technician. He’s been working in this role for a little over one year and has used his Paytient card over 75 times to help afford the care his family needs. 

Hear Johnathon tell more of his story:

To manage his diabetes, he pays approximately $210 every three months. When talking about his insulin, Jonathon said, “I’m able to pay for it because of Paytient.” The model of Paytient's Health Payment Account (HPA) with no-interest repayment has allowed him to keep his blood sugars at a healthy level without any financial stress.

Patient’s financial wellness benefits have empowered Johnathon to take control of his healthcare and improve his overall health. In fact, he has lost 93 pounds in just over one year thanks to the access that Paytient has helped afford. At a time when Johnathon was in-between paychecks, he was able to use Paytient to pay for his medication so that he wouldn’t have to go without it. The reality of going without it would have led him to be unable to do his job effectively.

How Paytient Can Benefit Employers

While the benefits of Paytient for employees provide life changing realities, the benefits for employers are significant. The power to pay improves employee productivity, better job performance, and reduces healthcare costs over the long term. 

Employers like Johnathon’s are getting on board with Paytient. The HPA model of paying for healthcare is becoming a popular financial wellness benefit to reduce turnover, boost health equity, and reduce overall health plan costs for employers across various industries. If you’re a benefits leader and you want to learn more, visit paytient.com to get in touch with our team.

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