MARCH 10TH, 2022

Reducing Risk by Increasing Employee Engagement: A Conversation with Chris Labrecque of IOA

Every now and then, you meet someone who truly has a unique take on things.

When we first met Chris Labrecque, president of Insurance Office of America's Employee Benefits Services Division, our team was struck by the holistic view he brings to employee benefits. As he spoke about improving employee health and wellness by focusing on five interconnected elements — health, financial viability, professional fulfillment, safety, and a social connection to something bigger than yourself — we could see how this approach truly stands out from the norm.

We decided to fly Paytient’s Chief Clinical Officer Jay Moore down to Florida to interview Chris in greater depth and produce a video sharing those insights. The video covers everything from the concept of the five elements to the notion of applying something like proximate cause to employee benefits.

Please view the video below, which is the first entry in a new series in conjunction with Maverick magazine. To learn more about Maverick, head to

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