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Preventing High Claims: How Paytient Helped Alexis Afford Early Skin Cancer Treatment

Paytient helped Alexis access essential everyday care and medication, as well as afford an early removal of her skin cancer, which ultimately prevented a potentially high cost claim for her school district if her cancer had gone untreated.

How Paytient Helped a School Teacher Afford Early Skin Cancer Treatment

Alexis is a highschool teacher, and in 2019 her school district started offering Paytient. Since then, Alexis has used her card to pay for care over 200 times. 

Alexis started using Paytient to afford everyday care and the medications she takes, but this last year, Paytient played a crucial role in affording her the power to pay for something more urgent. 

Hear Alexis’ story in her own words:

Alexis discovered a suspicious spot on her scalp and went to see a primary care doctor. The doctor advised her to see a dermatologist, who determined that the spot was melanoma, a type of skin cancer. After visiting several specialists, her care team recommended surgery to remove the spot. 

This type of surgery is emotionally taxing, and because of Paytient, it didn’t have to be financially taxing. Most people don’t expect a several hundred dollar bill for surgery to pop up in daily life, but when it does, it’s comforting to know there’s a card in your wallet that can take care of it. 

By using Paytient to help pay for her surgery, Alexis was able to split up the cost of her medical bill over time. This helped her afford the treatment she needed and prevented a potentially high cost claim for her school district's health plan if the cancer had spread or required more intensive treatment. Early detection and treatment is not only important for individuals, but it’s helpful for employers, too.

How Paytient Can Help Employers Save on Healthcare Costs

Providing employees with access to healthcare early can significantly reduce costs for employers. Early detection and treatment can prevent high cost claims for employer's health plans. The American Cancer Society estimates that the cost of treating melanoma can increase significantly if the cancer is not detected early.

By providing employees with access to Paytient, employers can help them afford the care they need. The HPA model of paying for healthcare is becoming a popular financial wellness benefit to reduce turnover, boost health equity, and reduce overall health plan costs for employers across various industries. And Paytient’s unique revolving line of credit means that employees like Alexis can use their allowance over and over again to pay for care. If you’re a benefits leader and you want to learn more, get in touch with our team.

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