MARCH 15TH, 2022

Introducing Explanation of Benefits

The team at Paytient is on a mission to help people better access and afford care. While much of that work focuses on providing our members with financially healthy ways to pay for care, we’re also incredibly passionate about educating the world on health and benefits.

Beyond our steady stream of blog posts and other educational content, we felt it was time to share more of our team’s expertise on healthcare, insurance plans, HSAs, and benefits as a whole. Today, we’re excited to announce the debut of Paytient’s first podcast, Explanation of Benefits.

Explanation of Benefits is designed to shed light on topics of interest to everyone from employers and HR leaders to benefits advisors, brokers, and everyday folks who want to become better-educated consumers of care. 

EOB is hosted by Dr. Jay Moore, Paytient’s chief clinical officer, and JR Clark, our senior VP of health plan product and strategy. This dynamic duo has decades of experience in healthcare and insurance, and they excel at sharing that knowledge in a fun and easy-to-digest manner.

In our inaugural episode, Dr. Jay and JR explore the history of health insurance. Listen along as we journey from the inception of accident insurance in the 1800s all the way through to the Affordable Care Act becoming law in 2010.

Listen to Explanation of Benefits Episode 1: A Brief History of Health Insurance

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