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Ensuring equitable access to care amidst economic turmoil: Hear NABIP CEO Jessica Woods Brooks on what benefit advisors can do to help clients cope

Most employers expect health plan costs to increase heading into 2024, and this isn't a new trend. Still, it's gotten to a point where it's stretching employers and employees financially so much that many seek ideas beyond the traditional strategies.

Jessica Brooks-Woods

Of the 158 million Americans who get health insurance through their employers, almost a quarter are “underinsured” — they technically have coverage, but they can’t afford to pay the out-of-pocket costs that come when you actually seek care.

Health plans with high out-of-pocket costs have historically disadvantaged vulnerable employees with less disposable income and lower credit scores.

In this episode of the Paytient Podcast, we welcome Jessica Brooks-Woods of NABIP for a conversation about benefit strategies that give employees more equitable access to care amid rising costs over the next few years.

Jessica Brooks-Woods is the esteemed CEO of the National Association of Benefits and Insurance Professionals (NABIP). She is revered as the "Velvet Hammer in Healthcare. " She seamlessly interweaves fierce advocacy with a sense of purpose, ensuring holistic value delivery across healthcare touchpoints. You won't want to miss her take on what benefit advisors can do to help clients cope amidst economic turmoil.

Get more insights from our conversation with Jessica below.


Listen to the full discussion via the podcast player below or by clicking this link. If you'd like to connect with Jessica you can reach him via LinkedIn or learn more about NABIP at nabip.org.

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