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Care beyond coverage

Since 2018, we have been working with employer and payer partners to put Health Payment Accounts (HPAs) into the hands of Americans to help them more equitably access and afford healthcare. With Paytient available to nearly 1M members today, we wanted to better understand how the Paytient HPA changes behavior and attitudes toward the employers who sponsor it as an employee benefit.

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In January 2024 we surveyed over 3,300 users who received the Paytient HPA as an employee benefit. The result is the 2024 HPA Employee Experience Survey. The study included questions about respondents’ care-seeking patterns, overall health and well-being, the perceived value of their employer-sponsored health benefits, and their perspective on workplace loyalty, among other topics. 

The results highlight, with 95% confidence, that employees who use Paytient’s HPA report improved health and better job satisfaction and retention. 

Here’s what respondents said about the impact their Health Payment Account has had on their lives: 

  • 92% are more satisfied with their health benefits.
  • 66% report improved health for them and their family.
  • 64% are more likely to keep their job with their employer.
  • 54% would have skipped some or all care without their HPA.
  • More than 20% said they feel that their employer cares about them.

We know that even among those with employer sponsored health insurance, too many are unprepared to afford the cost of care. As a result, a Gallup poll found that nearly 40% of all Americans said they or a loved one deferred care in 2022. The finding of this study suggests this reality persists, even among Americans who are benefit eligible with their employer. 

The Health Payment Account puts ready-to-spend dollars in employees’ wallets so they are always prepared to pay for any care they may need. Once they’ve swiped their Paytient card, our app prompts them to plan how they’d like to pay that bill over time, smoothing the impact of that out-of-pocket expense on their finances. 

The HPA pairs alongside any health plan and can be a powerful bridge to better health. Members can repay their HPA balances via payroll deductions or via HSA or FSA accounts. And with no credit check to open an account, the HPA drives access to care more equitably than other care financing solutions that have high interest rates and confusing terms. 

For employers focused on workforce attraction, retention, and productivity, the HPA is a powerful tool because it engenders incredibly positive employee feedback. Nowhere was this noticed more powerfully than in the direct responses given to the survey’s open questions. 

When asked what it meant to them to receive the Health Payment Account as a benefit from their employer, their answers had the following themes: 

A Positive Impact on Well-being

Approximately 40% of respondents expressed positive sentiments regarding the impact of the HPA on their well-being.

Financial Support

Around 30% of responses highlighted the financial support provided by the HPA.

Employer Care and Appreciation

Approximately 20% of respondents emphasized feeling cared for and valued by their employers.

Convenience and Ease of Payment

Around 15% of responses appreciated the convenience and ease of payment offered by the HPA.

Gratitude and Appreciation

Approximately 10% of respondents simply expressed gratitude and appreciation for the Paytient card as a valuable benefit.

Paying for healthcare is challenging for most because it’s usually unplanned, and costs are difficult to predict. This study shows that Health Payment Accounts deliver financial support employees appreciate and so much more! The fact that 1 in 5 responses emphasized feeling cared for by their employer shows that the HPA is helping to build stronger relationships between employer and employee—strengthening a social contract that has been fraying at the edges amidst rising healthcare costs.

Employers concerned about how employees would receive the Health Payment Account can take confidence from this evidence that HPAs change behaviors and attitudes in ways that support workforce well-being and lower costs for employers.

If you’re a broker or employer looking to learn more about what the HPA can do for your group, let’s talk

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