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Mavericks You Should Know – Joe Andelin, CEO of Olavi Group

Joe Andelin CEO of Olavi Group

Joe Andelin CEO of Olavi Group

Tell us about the Olavi Group.

We do analytics, the simplest and most robust health insurance benchmarking, and offer unique data sets and tools for startups and brokers.

How does your company address the pain points of your customers?

Brokers need succinct tools and data to win prospects and to keep existing clients. “How good are my benefits?” is more nuanced than most think. Health insurance for employees is not a commodity; the coverage and cost to employees varies wildly and being in the top quartile is important in competing for talent.

Most people would be surprised to know that Olavi Group ...

… works across personal finance and health care. The connection between health and wealth requires lenses and experience in both.

What would you say is the most transformational thing happening in your segment of the industry?

Skin in the game is growing and employees are more aware of the cost of care and need easier front door solutions. Most care is episodic, so both fixed (premiums paid) and variable costs (card swipes) matter. The growth of health savings accounts presents a unique opportunity to promote investing and more rational plan selection.

What’s your favorite thing to do on weekends?

Cooking while listening to Spanish music.

What’s the best Netflix series you’ve watched?

“High Seas.”

Is there a great book you’d recommend to your colleagues or customers?

“Alchemy” by Rory Sutherland.

What’s something the market disagrees with you on?

Health care is highly shoppable. You can see by the way people choose their own coverage when it’s their own money.

Contact Joe Andelin at joe@olavigroup.com.

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