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HPA Impact Report 2023

An in-depth look at how Paytient is enhancing access and affordability.

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Out-of-pocket costs can be challenging because most health care is unplanned, and costs aren’t clear up front. With inflation squeezing families’ budgets, paying for care today is more difficult than it was 12-18 months ago. In fact, in a Gallup study a record 38% of Americans said they or a loved one deferred care in 2022 due to cost.

As employers look for access and affordability solutions, the Health Payment Account (HPA) is becoming an emerging standard for benefits, making healthcare expenses more affordable by empowering people to pay medical bills over time, interest-free. The option to break bills into manageable pieces neutralizes the stress and hesitation that comes with seeking care when the financial impact is unmanageable or unknown.

Is Paytient actually improving care access and affordability?

Absolutely. In an ongoing Paytient member satisfaction survey, 26% said the card allowed them to get care they wouldn’t have been able to get otherwise, and 60% said it made getting care less stressful. In a survey of Paytient users who are ACA plan members, 67% said without the Paytient card they wouldn’t have been able to get care.

Who is Paytient helping?

The short answer is everyone. Card activation is steady across income levels, and while nearly half of swipes are from members earning less than $50K per year, 25% of swipes are from those earning $75K or more.

We took an inside look at how Paytient is improving access and affordability in our HPA Impact Report. Learn more about how our bi-modal utilization patterns are creating broad appeal and utilization rates unheard of in the ancillary benefits world.

In this report we’ll share more about:

  • Who uses the Paytient card
  • How high and low earners’ activation rates compare
  • How we’re moving the needle on health equity

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