Empower your employees with access to care

Bring Paytient to the table during this enrollment season. Give your employees the ability to pay for their out-of-pocket care over time - for free.


What our members are saying

May 21, 2021

Paytient has taken away the worries about not having your copay at the time of service. It’s quick and efficient.

Ryan W.

Paytient User
May 28, 2021

Paytient is very convenient and helpful during emergencies. It’s easy to set up the payments over time.

JacQuitta D.

Paytient User
May 5, 2021

Easy to use and no hassles. I never have to worry about whether or not I can pay for medical or pharmacy bills.

Tammy S.

Paytient User
April 4th, 2021

Using Paytient is very easy! I like the ease of setting up a payment plan and forgetting about it!

Katelyn F.

Paytient User
September 17, 2020

I have used Paytient multiple times. It has allowed me to cover my own and my family's medical expenses when they come up. It makes it easier for me because the payment is taken directly from my check and I don't have to remember it. I have even used it at my vet's office!

Denise R.

Paytient User
January 20, 2021

I just can't thank my employer enough for the ability to take care of my fur babies properly by having this option for payment.

Pauline S.

Paytient User
January 18, 2019

Paytient has worked great for me! I've used it at the vet for meds for our dogs and just recently used it for my daughter's dental bill for 3 fillings. Paytient is easy to use and you set how many payments for payroll deduction.

Rebecca C.

Paytient User
November 30, 2020

Just being able to go to an eye doctor appointment, and not immediately worrying about the 'up front' cost for glasses & contacts, has been a huge help for me.

David G.

Paytient User
About Paytient

Peace of mind in your employees' wallets

With access to funds instantly, Paytient brings your employees access to care earlier. They choose how they'd like to pay back what they use

  • Make plan design changes healthier for your team
  • Employees gain instant access to funds to pay for care
  • An All-in-One Benefit for: Medical, Dental, Vision, Mental Health, Pharmacy, and Veterinary Care
Payroll Made Easy

Effortless administration

Manage which team members have Paytient in their wallet, and view usage reports right from the dashboard.

  • Automated payroll deduction process
  • We handle the recoup of any borrowed funds when an employee leaves
Why Paytient?
Interest Free

Employees can pay for care over time at 0% interest, always.

Set it & Forget it

Our automatic payroll deduction process is perfect for employees.

No Credit Check

Paytient requires no paperwork, or credit checks on behalf of your employees

How it Works

Swipe. Click. Split.

Employees pay with their Paytient card, and then click the notification that appears on their screen to split any health care transaction into an easy, interest-free payroll deducted payment plan.

Employee Usage

Give employees the benefit they really need

A benefit with real demand by employees will have the numbers to prove it. Paytient’s NPS score far exceeds that of typical health insurance companies alone.


Still have questions?

How much does this cost my employees?

Employees pay back what they use on the Paytient card and not a penny more!

What if an employee leaves my company and owes a balance?

Paytient assumes all the risk for the line of credit given to employees. If an employee leaves, we will contact them to figure out the best way for them to continue their payments outside of payroll deduction.

Where can my employees use Paytient?

Your employees can use Paytient at any medical, mental health, dental, vision, pharmacy, or veterinary provider that accepts VISA!

Does Paytient require a credit check?

Nope! We will not run a credit check on you or your employees to issue this line of credit to them.

Can employees use Paytient for their family members?

Absolutely! Whether the family member is covered under their normal health insurance or not, employees can choose to use the Paytient card to pay for their care.

Can employees use Paytient at Out-of-Network providers?

Yes! Employees are able to use Paytient for themselves or for their families at any care provider that can accept VISA.

Contact sales

Dislike contact forms? Email us at hello@paytient.com. For Paytient app support please reach out via live chat.