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About Paytient

Interest-free credit lines that help members pay for out-of-pocket healthcare costs on their own timeline

Paytient enables members to better access care, affords employers plan design flexibility, reduces providers’ collections burden, and supplements insurance or health plan products.

  • Cost-effective method of improving access to care - funds are immediately accessible to eligible members
  • Risk- and liability-free for employers, health plans, and providers
  • Enhances members' existing healthcare financial tools - including insurance plans, gap products, and indemnity products and HSA/FSAs

What our members are saying

A benefit with real demand by employees


Jennifer B.

5 Stars

Paytient has been great to use. Especially being able to use my paycheck to pay off my bills.


Ron G.

5 Stars

Having Paytient has been amazing. It has made it where I am able to get my medications and pay for doctor visits in between pay days.


Liza T.

5 Stars

Gave me peace of mind that the bills are paid on time. Thanks!


Emily K.

5 Stars

Love the app!!! Very nice to have and very easy to use! It really helps when you have a big medical expense you do not want to spend that lump sum of money and this gives you that option to make those payments interest-free!


Sandra B.

5 Stars

It was so easy to pay my bill and then set up a payment plan. I love how the first payment isn't due today! It makes things so easy!


JacQuitta D.

5 Stars

Can set how many payments I want to make through my payroll deduction.

Implementation Made Easy


Elevate and enhance your offerings, without adding stress to your IT team, clients, or members.

  • Capabilities accessible "off-the-shelf" or via our API solutions
  • Seamless integration with employer payroll systems
  • Flexible and scalable to meet the needs of the individual (e.g. ACA, Medicare), SMB, and Enterprise clients alike
Paytient card types

Paytient Off-the-Shelf

Seamless member experience, delivered via our mobile app and physical Visa card

Balance management

Integrated Solutions

Flexible, API-based solutions to embed Paytient's unique interest-free capabilities into your existing experience

Why Paytient?

Set it & Forget It

Our automatic payroll deduction capabilities provide a seamless repayment experience for members


Members can pay for care over time, without interest or fees ever.

For Everyone

Paytient is a benefit for all of your members - no paperwork or credit checks needed

Proven & Scalable

Paytient is powering a new generation of HSA/FSA solutions, health and dental plans, payroll products, and many more - enabling more than 100,000 members to access and afford care

NPS Score

Our members love having Paytient in their wallets

Don't just take our word for it. Our Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 93 proves how Paytient can impact people's lives for the better.

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