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Welcoming Bryan Bliven: Healthcare IT leader joins Paytient as VP of Program Management (M3P)

We are thrilled to welcome Bryan Bliven to the Paytient team.

Bryan Bliven

A seasoned veteran in healthcare IT, Bryan joins us as Vice President of Program Management for the Medicare Prescription Payment Plan (M3P) initiative. He brings a wealth of experience and a passion for leveraging technology to enhance healthcare outcomes, quality, and efficiency. A distinguished leader in the industry, his extensive background includes notable achievements at Cerner, MU Health Care, and Oracle Corporation.

Bryan’s journey in healthcare IT spans over 25 years, marked by numerous accolades and transformative contributions to the field. His dedication to improving healthcare delivery and patient experiences has earned him recognition as a top IT and data management expert. Bryan's leadership was instrumental in achieving milestones such as leading MU Health Care's IT department to be recognized as the "Best Hospital IT Department" by Healthcare IT News. He also spearheaded the development of the Tiger Institute Health Alliance, a health information exchange serving millions of members.

Bryan's motivation stems from personal experiences, including his upbringing in a healthcare-oriented environment and his role as a father of a childhood cancer survivor. These life events instilled in him a profound understanding of the challenges and opportunities within the healthcare system, driving his commitment to make a positive impact.

In joining Paytient, Bryan saw an opportunity to contribute to a company dedicated to improving healthcare affordability and accessibility. He was drawn to Paytient's mission and impressed by the team's talent and passion for innovation. Bryan aims to leverage his expertise to advance the technology of Paytient's M3P program, aligning with his vision of enhancing compliance and improving beneficiary outcomes.

 “I have been a fan of Bryan’s leadership from afar for a long time. His ability to listen, learn, and lead is world-class, and it's been recognized over and over by clients & partners across the industry,” said Brian Whorley, Founder and CEO of Paytient.  “Paytient represents the next chapter for him to expand on his legacy of crafting technology solutions that enhance lives.”

Under Bryan's leadership, the M3P team will play a crucial role in ensuring compliance with CMS guidelines for the Medicare Part D Prescription Payment Plan. Paytient's unique approach and Bryan's experience position the company as a leader in providing innovative solutions to PBMs and plan sponsors, ultimately benefiting Medicare beneficiaries.

Read our full Q&A with Bryan Bliven:

How did you get into the healthcare space, and what keeps you excited about it?

I had an introduction to healthcare early in life as my mother worked as a chaplain at our local community hospital in Iowa.  I remember going with her to visit patients during the holidays at a young age. During college, I worked in the business office at the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics. As an Information Systems student, I gained hands-on experience working with technologies related to healthcare management. My experience continued with Cerner in developing, implementing, and supporting Electronic Health Records and working directly with clients, leading their IT department. The ability to see the direct impact of technology, good and bad, continued to inspire me, as did the passion and commitment of everyone involved to get the best outcomes for patients, families, clinicians, and staff.   

I was further motivated through the experience of being the father of a childhood cancer survivor. The journey of treatments, surgeries, and hospitalizations became an immersion into care delivery. I was able to witness and experience the great care provided, and the friction of our healthcare system. The work to improve our healthcare system is personal, and we must leave it in a better place than when we started. 

What attracted you to this position and to Paytient in particular?

Living in Columbia, MO, I have known Paytient since its founding. I have closely followed its growth and was particularly intrigued by the member reviews I read.  When I had the opportunity to meet the Paytient team, I was impressed by the talent of team members and their passion for improving the ability of people to afford the healthcare they need. Paytient can positively impact affordability, adherence, and outcomes, and lower the stress of people interacting with the healthcare system. I jumped at the opportunity when I learned that a position was available to join the team and help impact the Medicare Prescription Payment Plan application of Paytient technology!

What do you hope to achieve with Paytient?

I am excited to be part of a team working towards delivering Paytient’s Medicare Part D Prescription Payment Plan technology. I look forward to leveraging my experience in healthcare and applying it to our goals at Paytient. I can see many parallels in the work on Medicare Part D compliance to that of adhering to the guidance of Meaningful use of EMR technology outlined in the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009. I aim to achieve program compliance and to delight the pharmacy benefit managers and plan sponsors that entrust Paytient with the responsibility of serving Medicare beneficiaries. 

Can you provide an overview of the M3P program?

Patients' M3P program will serve PBMs and Plan sponsors to ensure they comply with CMS guidelines for Medicare Plan D prescription payment plans in CY 2025 and beyond. Paytient is unique in its experience and existing technology that enables payment smoothing for our members. Our experience gives the PMBs and plan sponsors we serve a head start on compliance and innovative technology that will serve their beneficiaries in the inaugural year of M3P and beyond. 

Bryan Bliven's addition to the Paytient team marks an exciting chapter in our journey toward revolutionizing healthcare payment solutions. His expertise and passion align perfectly with our mission, and we are eager to see the positive impact he will bring to the M3P program and beyond. Follow along with our journey and keep your eyes peeled for the exciting things to come with Bryan and the rest of our team.

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