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Soaring High: Reflections from Our Scottsdale Summit

Our team recently came together under clear blue skies in the heart of the Arizona desert.

Summit Pickleball

With a mission to elevate our company to new heights, we embarked on a journey filled with collaboration, learning, and unforgettable experiences. Buckle up as we take you through the exhilarating ride of our weeklong adventure!

Monday: We touched down in Scottsdale, excited for the week ahead. After settling in, we geared up for what we knew would be an epic summit.

Tuesday: The summit started with a series of company-wide sessions, setting the stage for the transformative days ahead. In the morning, we delved into strategic discussions, aligning our visions and goals for the future. Teams branched off into focused breakouts as the day went on — fostering collaboration and innovation — before capping off the day with good times and good food at Sol Mexican Cocina.

Wednesday: With the energy high, we dove into another day of company sessions fueled by inspiration, determination, and tacos from the night before. Once the dust tacos settled, we headed to The Westin for an afternoon of R&R and an evening of karaoke, a Paytient favorite.

Thursday: We dedicated the morning to refining our strategies and action plans. In the afternoon, teams reconvened for breakout sessions, each fueled by the passion and dedication of its members. That evening we celebrated the week and each other at Kasai Japanese Steakhouse.

We gave out our annual awards:

  • Light the Way
    • A team member that stands out, brings clarity, and blazes a path for others to follow. They work smarter (and rest well) so that we can shine a light on opportunities to improve today’s U.S. healthcare system. Shining a light requires craft, diligence, and charm.
    • Award Winner: Alex Thomas
  • Live the Mission
    • This team member is a missionary, shaped by an unshakable belief in the better tomorrow Paytient is building with the team. Their leadership is tenacious, flexible, and optimistic despite the inevitable challenges we face along the way.
    • Award Winner: Gonçalo Fonseca
  • Lift Others
    • This team member is fearlessly selfless. They succeed as a team by elevating our customers and teammates; they believe that we are the most ourselves when we are self-forgetful. They welcome feedback, value diverse perspectives, work collaboratively, and share a sense of urgency rooted in empathy for others.
    • Award Winner: Dylan Seidt
  • Lighthouse
    • People’s Choice! Our team chooses who personifies all of our values all the time and is one of Paytient's very best & brightest.
    • Award Winner: Jordan Stone

Friday: Homeward Bound. Sadly, all good things must come to an end. We said our goodbyes to Scottsdale and headed home, armed with new ideas and stronger bonds.🚀

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