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Mavericks You Should Know – Lauren Dai, COO & CO-Founder of Cocoon

Lauren Dai COO & CO-Founder of Cocoon

Lauren Dai COO & CO-Founder of Cocoon

Tell us about Cocoon.

Cocoon is the first full-suite software solution to remove the manual, heavy-lift from complex leave processes all HR departments must tackle. The Cocoon platform is designed to address every type of employee leave (i.e. parental, medical, bereavement, or any other type), across all 50 states, handling everything from compliance to claims management to payroll calculations. It factors in all state, federal, company, and insurance benefits to demystify, simplify, and streamline the leave experience for both employees and HR teams.

How does your company address the pain points of your customers?

Leave has long been one of the most antiquated aspects of HR, yet it is something every company has to deal with as nearly every employee will go on leave at some point in their career. Historically, the leave process has largely been managed by hand, with an HR representative sitting down with an employee to fill out stacks of paperwork. Given all of the different variables involved, from insurance to government and corporate policies, this can result in a process riddled with human error that can yield significant, unnecessary costs to both employees and companies.

On top of this, COVID-19 has created a more distributed workforce, which has forced employers to deal with leaves in many more geographies than they are used to, adding further compliance complexity. It’s also becoming increasingly important to get employees’ leave benefits right because they are the new table stakes as many organizations face a talent crunch. Employers have to be competitive in their leave benefits if they want to attract and retain talent. Cocoon was developed to address all of these issues, automating and simplifying leave with a platform that can be easily adapted at any time.

Most people would be surprised to know that Cocoon ...

… was founded by three incredible women!

What would you say is the most transformational thing happening in your segment of the industry?

With COVID, leave matters now, more than ever. I think all of us have realized how it’s really these pivotal moments in life that matter, where it’s critical we see our companies step up to support us. Employers are recognizing this, and we’re seeing this be reflected in how companies build their employer brands— highlighting not just time and pay around leave, but also the employee experience with leave.

What’s your favorite thing to do on weekends?

Cook! I’m a huge foodie. I love hosting friends for brunch or dinner get-togethers.

What’s the best Netflix series you’ve watched?


Is there a great book you’d recommend to your colleagues or customers?

“Crossing the Chasm” by Geoffrey Moore.

What is your spirit animal?

All of us at Cocoon have a spirit animal! Mine is the Great Pyrenees dog.

Contact Lauren Dai at lauren@meetcocoon.com.

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