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Let’s help your people access and afford care.

Paytient’s Health Payment Account (HPA) empowers people to pay for care over time with no interest and no fees — ever.



1 : a Paytient cardholder.

2 : a person with the power to pay for care over time — always interest-free.

Most Americans have health insurance today, but increasingly high deductibles mean far too many Americans face the painful choice between physical and financial health if they get sick or injured.

We partner with thoughtful employers, payers, and local health systems to turn patients into Paytients — people empowered to care for their families.

The Paytient card is not a loan or another Buy Now Pay Later option. It’s a sponsored, interest-free line of credit that we call a Health Payment Account (HPA). It works alongside HDHPs, HSAs, FSAs, HRAs, and other health benefits to make it easier to pay for care.

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How it Works

Meet the Paytient Card.

Sponsor Paytient cards for your group alongside your health plan, HSA/FSA, and other health benefits to ensure your people always have a way to pay their out-of-pocket costs.

Once a member uses their card to pay for care, they’ll select a personalized repayment plan that turns their bill into a series of smaller payments over time — always without interest or fees.

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Our members love us
"Paytient was a blessing to me... It covered the cost of my glasses at a time when money was tight."

– Carla

“I am now able to go to the doctor without waiting for appointments around my cash flow... So easy.”

– Betty

"Paytient is an amazing, helpful addition to have in these harder times... I would recommend it to all.”

– Billi

How Paytient works for:


Employees receive a Paytient card they can use to pay out-of-pocket expenses for medical, dental, vision, pharmacy, behavioral health, and veterinary care2.

Cardholders swipe their card at the point of care and split their balance into easy-to-manage payments automatically deducted from future paychecks or another linked payment method.

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Once approved, members receive a Paytient card with their health plan that empowers them to pay out-of-pocket healthcare expenses. In a crowded market, Paytient helps insurers differentiate their offering to attract and retain more members.

Health Systems

Health systems can subsidize the cost of the Paytient card for local employers who want to offer it to their teams. Employees can use the card to get care with the health system's facilities and physician groups, which helps attract more commercially-insured patients.

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Partners love Paytient
 "They care about our employees just like their own. They've made it a smooth roll out and are willing to help in any way they can. I highly recommend Paytient and the great people there!"

– Vanessa R. Business Officer, Centralia Public School District

"Wish we had you guys four years ago when we changed to our HDHP plan! Paytient really helps folks with their deductible."

– Megan B., Marshall Municipal Utilities

"So very thankful for our relationship with Paytient. They have been life savers for our employees which makes them a fantastic addition to our team!"

– Kathy C., Plant Manager, Otscon Manufacturing

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Meet the team

We’re a global team of world-class technologists, healthcare experts, and benefits leaders building a better way for every American to access and afford care for their family.

Our “remote with roots” model allows us to work where we thrive and gather as needed, often in our home office in Columbia, Missouri.

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