Finally, a financial and wellness benefit that is healthier for all.

Paytient provides your employees with a healthier out-of-pocket payment option for their medical, dental, vision, mental, and veterinary care. Paytient also helps to alleviate receivables for domestic spending on veterinary services within your practice and is virtually effortless to administer.


What our members are saying

April 4th, 2021

Using Paytient is very easy! I like the ease of setting up a payment plan and forgetting about it!

Katelyn F.

Paytient User
September 17, 2020

I have used Paytient multiple times. It has allowed me to cover my own and my family's medical expenses when they come up. It makes it easier for me because the payment is taken directly from my check and I don't have to remember it. I have even used it at my vet's office!

Denise R.

Paytient User
January 18, 2019

Paytient has worked great for me! I've used it at the vet for meds for our dogs and just recently used it for my daughter's dental bill for 3 fillings. Paytient is easy to use and you set how many payments for payroll deduction.

Rebecca C.

Paytient User
January 20, 2021

I just can't thank my employer enough for the ability to take care of my fur babies properly by having this option for payment.

Pauline S.

Paytient User
About Paytient

Empower your employees with access to care

  • Better access to care

    Care is received earlier because Paytient makes it easier for your employees to afford it

  • Care is more affordable

    Custom repayment plans are chosen by the employee

  • Reduce account receivables

    Alleviate receivables for domestic spending on veterinary services within your practice

  • Increase employee retention

    When you give Paytient to your employees, it shows you are in touch with their needs

How it Works

Swipe. Click. Split.

Employees can pay for care with their Paytient card, and then click the notification that appears on their smartphone to split their transaction into an easy, interest-free payroll deducted payment plan.

Case Study: Animal Hospital - Illinois - 88 Employees

A benefit for your employees, and for you

This employer wanted to offer Paytient to their employees not only to give them a better, financially friendly option to pay for out-of-pocket medical, dental, vision, and veterinary expenses but also to manage accounts receivable for employees at the animal hospital. Employees benefited from having this option to pay for care, and the employer was able to recoup funds in accounts receivable that would have otherwise gone unpaid.

  • In less than 24 hours of go-live employees began using the Paytient app to pay for care
  • 70% of annual cost was recouped in the first 30 days by decreased accounts receivable
  • 32% of eligible employees used Paytient within the first month
  • 68% of employees which had Paytient in their wallet, have utilized Paytient to pay for care

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