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Feel better faster.

It can take weeks, or even months to be seen by a doctor in-person. Paytient Care allows primary active members paying with their Paytient card to treat common conditions at any time. Connect with a licensed clinician in minutes for an expert evaluation. Plus, prescriptions can be mailed directly to your home or sent to your preferred pharmacy, if a prescription is necessary.

Mobile device listing conditions treated. Along with text box stating that our clinicians can provide a virtual note for you to forward to your manager.
Illustration of a person using their mobile device.

No more dial tones.

Paytient Care is available exclusively in chat form. This means you won’t need to pick up the phone and call your provider or schedule time to chat face-to-face. Submit your symptoms and you’ll receive a notification when your clinician has assessed your condition.

You can access the Paytient Care chat feature inside the Health tab of your Paytient app or at my.paytient.com.

Note: Paytient Care is only available to active Paytient members paying with their Paytient card in the United States. Services do not accrue toward deductibles or otherwise coordinate with insurance. In some cases, there may be more requirements on behalf of patients and clinicians to validate care.1


Your health, your business.

Although Paytient is provided by your employer, we take healthcare and privacy very seriously. The service, powered by Catch Health, is HIPAA compliant and we will not share your diagnoses with anyone except you.

You can get care knowing that any diagnoses received will remain private through the Paytient Care program. Your employer or health plan will not have access to your diagnoses or treatment plans.

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