Paytient Works

No Worries.

Turn every out-of-pocket care expense into an easy, interest-free payment plan.

Paytient Card

Care with Confidence

After eligible members access their Paytient account, they will have instant access to their virtual card, and receive a physical card by mail shortly thereafter.


Members use their Paytient card to pay for care, Paytient pays the providers up-front.


Members open their Paytient apps and select their new transaction.


Members create their preferred payment plan, and payments are processed automatically via payroll deduction or the payment method of their choice.

Effortlessly Generous

When Paytient is integrated with one of our many payroll partners, each deduction is automatic creating a truly effortless administrative experience.

Care made Healthier

Each payment or deduction is withdrawn automatically. Members can begin to feel better now, and pay for care at a rate that works for their budgets.

* Please note that merchants self-select the category in which transactions will be listed and some merchants may be owned by other companies, therefore the transactions may not be categorized as a medical expense as you might expect.

Who is Paytient for?

We make paying for care feel better for everyone.



Paytient removes cost as a barrier for care so you can get the assistance you need.



Unlock earlier, more affordable care to maintain your healthy workforce and save money.

Health Systems

Health Systems

Get paid in full at the time of care to reduce your bad debt burden.



Improve negotiations with providers to reduce the premiums and rates paid by employers.

Paytient is the benefit your people will love.

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