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APRIL 12TH, 2021

How Paytient Pays for Itself

Paytient is a benefit that employers can provide for their employees that can both increase access to healthcare and make it more affordable. But for employers already operating on thin margins, finding additional funds to implement these two strategies can be a barrier.

APRIL 13TH, 2021

Making the HDHP Healthier for More People

When it comes to health insurance plans, high-deductible health plans (HDHPs) can get a bad rap. The “high deductible” part of the name is enough to deter those worried about rising medical costs. Then there’s the widely held belief that high-deductible health plans are only financially beneficial for young, healthy individuals.

MAY 14TH, 2021

Ensuring Wellbeing vs. Insuring Against Sickness

It’s hardly controversial to say that the American healthcare system has a lot of room for improvement. We have the best research universities, the best hospitals, the best doctors, and yet, compared to most wealthy countries, healthcare in the United States is more expensive and results in worse health outcomes.

MAY 28TH, 2021

Why does choosing a health plan have to be so hard?

You’d be hard-pressed to find someone who actually feels confident choosing a healthcare plan. It’s one of those decisions we have to make in life that is almost universally stressful, even for people who seem to have a better-than-average understanding of the many factors involved.

JUNE 16TH, 2021

Using Wellness Credits to Pay for Paytient

Employers are obviously incentivized to help employees maintain their health: When employees are healthy, they’re able to perform at their best. And of course, from a financial perspective, they’re also less likely to file large insurance claims related to their health. 

JULY 1ST, 2021

A High-Impact, Low-Cost Addition to Your Employee Wellbeing Program

It pays for employers to help employees to take control of their health, and take preventative measures to avoid the chronic health issues that affect so many Americans. This is why so many employers have added employee wellness or wellbeing programs to their benefits plans.

AUGUST 31ST, 2021

Payroll Deductions: A Healthier Way to Pay for Healthcare

When you hear ‘payroll deductions’, you might think of voluntary deductions like your health insurance premiums or 401k contributions. But if you’re struggling to afford the out-of-pocket cost of your healthcare, it might be worth considering how payroll deductions can offer a healthier option than credit cards, loans, or not getting the care you need.

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